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Business Analyst & Deal Flow Manager

SZ Shvarts Zedkia is a dynamic and innovative accounting and financial consulting firm. Members of Allinial Global international network of financial consulting firms deployed in over 30 countries with more than 200 member firms. By focusing on innovation and professionalism, we are able to provide our clients high quality service with seamless financial solutions.

Working in SZ you will gain skills and knowledge like in no other financial firm. You will have the opportunity to express yourself and develop crucial social and professional capabilities. We are very minded to our employees. Often, we organize excursions and enrichment programs for our team. We believe that our team is the key to our success. We are constantly in search of new employees that strive for excellence, integrity and collaborative work with clients and other employees. Join us!


  • SZ Ventures is seeking an ambitious business analyst to join our team in our Mindspace office in Tel Aviv, right at the heart of Rothschild Boulevard. The ability to create innovative solutions, articulate complex ideas and adapt to a rapidly changing environment is essential.
    Your day to day work would include working with startups, early stage companies, and investors to aid them in their fund raising or investment needs.

    Job Description:
    Attending events and conferences throughout Israel to generate a deal flow.
    Writing and submitting reports, including market research, financial analysis and analysis of company activity reports.
    Preparing investor pitch decks, one-pagers, and various related PowerPoint presentations.
    Ambitious sourcing of clients to grow our client base.
    Managing a deal flow system to easily match investors with relevant companies and companies with relevant investors.


  • English Competency – high level writing and verbal skills.
    BA in economics/business management.
    Experience working with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
    Excellent people skills.

    Previous experience is not required.


  • Native English speaker.

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