Certified Public Accountants

SZ Shvarts Zedkia CPA is a dynamic and innovative accounting and financial management firm. The firm provides audit, tax and consulting services to both the public and private sectors.
We, at SZ Shvarts Zedkia are committed to providing our clients with the most professional high quality service available. The firm's human capital along with up to date technology and professionalism allows SZ Shvarts Zedkia to accompany its clients through every stage of their development. The professional team primarily consists of chartered accountants and tax experts. They are highly experienced, hands-on problem solvers who hold themselves to an extraordinarily high level of performance. In today's fast changing global business world professionals that you can count on is a necessity.
SZ Shvarts Zedkia accountants believe that the client is the center of its activities and so strives to provide the highest quality professional service. The firm's clients include  public companies, private companies, partnerships and self- employed persons both in Israel and abroad. The firm serves clients of various sectors including: Industry and commerce, Hi- Tech, Real Estate, Fashion and textile and Import & Export.

The Services

SZ Shvarts Zedkia offers its clients a wide range of tailor made professional services.
The services include:

Tax Services to Corporations and Businesses

Tax issues are a critical aspect in every business. The firm provides corporations, organizations, individuals and all other entities with tailor made solutions to fit the client's business environment, while taking into consideration the sensitivity and complexity of the tax world.
The tax services include: Audit and review of tax returns for public and private corporations including the representation of clients before the tax authorities; submitting personal reports to the tax authorities on behalf of share holders; providing ongoing consulting and tax planning including holding structures in Israel and abroad and professional second opinions.

Accounting Services for: Self- Employed Persons Individuals and Salaried Employees

The firm concentrates on providing the most advanced and professional accounting services to it's clients. These services  are available on an ongoing basis to every business entity regardless of the formal framework through which it operates, whether it be a limited company, authorized trader or exempt trader. The Accounting Services provided include the following: Preparing and filing of personal tax returns for self employed and individual persons who are obligated by law to submit an yearly tax return including the representation of clients before the tax authorities; bookkeeping and payroll for clients who are self-employed including ongoing guidance and advice throughout the year; preparing and filing capital declarations for individuals; calculating tax rebates for both salaried employees and those who are self-employed.

Accounting and Auditing

The auditing services provided by the firm, rely on an in- depth knowledge of the organization and the environment in which the client operates, in order to discover the weaknesses and to increase the efficiency of the company in all its various aspects.
The auditing services provided include, amongst others: audit and review of financial statements according to IFRS, US GAAP and the Israel Securities Authority (ISA).

Business Advice and Guidance

The firm provides ongoing management guidance, including preliminary advice to newly formed businesses. These services include: creating and editing business plans; advice and guidance when opening and running a new business; accompanying client in business negotiations; analysis and guidance in receiving bank credit and preparation of presentations for potential investors.

Other Services

The firm provides other services including: Due Diligence reports for local and foreign corporations; advising, and accompanying clients with activities in the U.S. and Europe in accordance with the accounting rules and local legal requirements; providing second opinions to clients on various subjects; internal audit for corporations and businesses; raising capital for companies through the OCS and other funds.