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SZ Financial Consulting provides tailored financial management solutions to emerging and established companies. We have offices in Israel, Europe and the US. The firm provides high quality professional services to support executives’ day-to-day needs and to help them concentrate on their core business.

Our team leverages its vast amount of experience along with professional tools to provide our clients with pragmatic solutions to suit their company’s needs. Our knowhow, network and unique perspective of the business environment in which our clients operate, allows us to minimize risks while creating value.
We believe in working side by side with our clients, assisting them every step of the way with a full complement of services to help them reach their objectives.
We understand our clients’ aspirations, and we’re as devoted to their goals as they are.

About Us Our professional team is composed of accountants, financial advisors, lawyers and business development experts. Each and everyone of our staff members contributes their own unique skills and background. Our partners bring with them extensive experience and skills that they have acquired over the years.
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